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The Smile Design

Crafting Exquisite Smiles with Unparalleled Personalized Care

From the bustling streets of Alpharetta emerges a modern orthodontic sanctuary.  At The Smile Design, tradition meets innovation, and every smile tells a story – your story.

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A Fresh Approach to Orthodontics

Step into an orthodontic haven where every journey is unique. Here, the age-old pursuit of achieving that perfect smile is reimagined, blending traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology. Every treatment is tailored, ensuring that each patient gets exactly what they need, in the way they desire.

Dr Abosi with The Smile Design

Dr. Adrienne Abosi (Formerly, Dr. Perry)

– The Smile Designer

Beyond the cutting-edge tools and the tranquil ambiance lies the heartbeat of our practice – Dr. Adrienne L. Abosi. With a legacy of academic brilliance and a passion for patient-centric care, Dr. Abosi ensures that every orthodontic journey under her guidance is smooth, transparent, and memorable.

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Our Services, Your Smile

Whether you have your heart set on traditional braces with a twist or you’re looking to explore the world of clear aligners, we’ve got you covered. Every service we offer is designed with one goal in mind – your radiant, confident smile.

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Ready to embark on your bespoke smile transformation?

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