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The Smile Design Experience

Your Journey to a Luxurious, Custom Smile Begins Here

Welcome to Alpharetta’s premier boutique orthodontics practice! At The Smile Design, we’re not just about orthodontic treatments. Here, each smile plan is crafted to be bespoke, a reflection of our unwavering attention to every detail. Our clinic is a confluence of cutting-edge technology and the expansive experience of our smile team, dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled dental experience drenched in luxury.

What to Anticipate On Your First Visit

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A Heartfelt Greeting:

Upon arrival, our affable staff ensures you feel right at home.

Seamless Check-in:

We swiftly verify the details you’ve previously shared online, from contact details to medical background, paving the way for a smooth visit.

Dream Meeting with Dr. Abosi:

This is your moment. As you sit down with Dr. Abosi, she invites you to paint a picture of your perfect smile. We encourage you to delve into details and voice any questions you might harbor. It’s through this dialogue that we truly understand your vision.

Diligent Dental Analysis:

Diligent Dental Analysis: A picture speaks a thousand words, but in orthodontics, precise images and scans speak volumes. Our team conducts a meticulous visual record – photos, x-rays, and a 3D scan, ensuring we capture the reality of your dental status.

Transparent Consultation:

After a thorough analysis, Dr. Abosi walks you through tailored treatment options, ensuring you fully understand any associated risks and potential outcomes. At every step, your understanding and comfort are paramount. Additionally, our team is available to curate your smile on the very day of your consultation.

Clear-cut Financial Guidance:

Your dream smile shouldn’t be clouded with financial ambiguities. Our team discusses flexible payment plans and highlights how your insurance benefits could play a part in the process. For your convenience, we participate with the following insurances: Aetna, Anthem/Unicare PPO, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Delta Dental, and Metlife.

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Ready to embark on a journey to a smile that truly reflects you?

Start Investing in Your Smile

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Excellence. Integrity. Patient-Centric.

At The Smile Design, our values are etched into our very essence. From our administrative staff to our seasoned orthodontists, we constantly push ourselves to surpass the set standards. We believe in open conversations, empowering our patients with knowledge and choices, making them an integral part of the orthodontic process.

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