Orthodontic Services

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What’s your profile?

At The Smile Design, we believe that your custom smile is part of a “bigger picture.” Dr Abosi understands that orthodontic care is not just about teeth. Your smile affects your lips and profile. During your first appointment, she will ask you what your goals are for your entire face. Do you prefer fuller lips? Would you like a flatter profile? Be sure to consider these questions, and feel free to discuss them with us.

Orthodontic Care

At The Smile Design, our team provides comprehensive orthodontic care. We offer traditional braces in clear, gold, and the coveted rose gold option. Additionally, we provide clear aligners as an alternative to braces. Growth modifications are also available for our younger clients. Whitening options are available at the conclusion of all our cases. And we’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering hidden braces soon! Here at The Smile Design, we offer a full range of orthodontic care options:

Phase 1, Pre-Teen, Teens, and Adults

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Elevate Your Smile’s Radiance at the End of Your Treatment

Elevate Your Smile’s Radiance at the End of Your Treatment
At The Smile Design, we understand that the final touch of a beautifully designed smile often lies in its luminosity. To this end, we offer a range of whitening options, ensuring your smile doesn’t just align but truly shines.

Discover the brilliance of our whitening solutions.

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Metal, Ceramic, Clear, Gold, or Rose Gold – Choose Your Aesthetic

Traditional braces don’t need to be mundane. At The Smile Design, we’ve elevated the age-old braces experience. Whether you’re looking for the classic metal, the subtlety of clear, or the elegance of gold and rose gold, we’ve got you covered. Align your teeth in a style tailored to your aesthetic preferences.

Dive into the world of braces with a touch of luxury.

Find the perfect match for your style and set your orthodontic journey in motion.

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Clear Aligners

Tailoring Your Smile’s Journey with Discretion

At The Smile Design, we believe in offering orthodontic care solutions that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Our Smileshare™ clear aligners stand as a testament to this philosophy. Not only are they virtually invisible, ensuring discretion, but they are also comfortable and removable. This ensures you can customize your smile journey without any hindrances.

Experience the convenience and elegance of our clear aligners.

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